how can i see someones snapchat

As one of the top video and photo sharing apps available Snapchats recent news release reported over million snaps sent and received per day. One of the favorite features of Snapchat is better Friend list which is both hated and loved equally. Users enjoy big due to its easy availability of exchanging snaps with folks you often snap with and individuals equally hated because find out the Best friends list on your profile meaning anyone can see them.

Snapchat Best Friends or even your top list as theyre known informally are individuals you most frequently share snaps with. The list gets updated each week meaning that if you snap people more frequently throughout the week theyll show up on your best Friends list. You realize this list when you get ready to send fresh new snap as it is shown on top with the contacts list to get easy access to the situation.

It can be seen by anyone who has you in their contacts and it is displayed on your profile publicly. Bear in mind that the best friends algorithm works in such a manner that if someone provides you with snaps regularly but mentioned how can i see someones snapchat reply a few times that person could be on your best friends list simply because the score gets higher every time she sends snaps. Likewise if you regularly send a snap to someone more often than others do theyll end high on your list.

Learning how to remove Snapchat best friends is a fairly simple process but it’s important to fully understand how the feature works in order make use of it correctly. First Snapchat has a certain score for your best friends with the score being the number of snaps in total that youve received and sent. Usually means the score youll see on your profile could be the total activity number youve accumulated since starting cord less mouse with the service.